Plump & Lengthen Bundle


This bundle includes:

My Lips
My Lashes



AKA Cosmetic LA

My Lips:

Immediately deliver a hydrating lip plumping super boost, which alleviates lines and wrinkles to expand the curve and volume of the lips. Advanced hyaluronic spheres, vitamin E, and peptides boost collagen and increase lip volume while reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and surface folds. Applied 3 times a day for 29 days may result in an increase of lip volume by 40%, a reduction of surface folds by 29%, and improved hydration by 60%. 


  • Hyaluronic spheres fill with moisture instantly plumping the lips
  • Stimulates Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid synthesis
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and surface folds
  • Help retain moisture

My Lashes:

This incredible blend of stem cells, peptides, and conditioners moisturize and nourish lashes to help them appear longer, stronger, and more voluminous. Featuring an innovative peptide specifically formulated for use on the eyelashes, encourage longer, plumper looking lashes. Stem cells derived from the skin of red grapes and provitamin B5 reduce breakage providing nutrition for long-term hydration.


  • Nourishes skin around lash line
  • Moisturizes and conditions lashes
  • Helps lashes appear longer and look thicker

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Plump & Lengthen Bundle