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This potent serum is armed with 20% vitamin C and is super-charged with ferulic acid to increase its free-radical fighting ability. This concentrated blend is also enriched with vitamins B3, B5, and E to boost the skin's natural defense against damaging oxidation caused by pollution, toxins, and other environmental stressors. This amazing formulation leaves skin brighter, firmer, and more supple with noticeably smaller pores. AKA Protect Serum reverses premature aging, hyperpigmentation, photo-damage, and skin dehydration.

Vegan, Paraben-free, Gluten-free, GMO free, Synthetic Color/Fragrance Free


Key Benefits


• Antioxidants defend against free radical damage

• Increases moisture

• Helps skin appear brighter

• Improves elasticity

• Environmentally Induced Skin Sensitivity

• Photo-damage

• Premature Ageing

• Hyperpigmentation

• Skin Dehydration


How It Works


Antioxidants are very valuable weapons in the fight against ageing. They effectively disarm environmental pollutants such as smog, smoke, and even light pollution, that could be harmful.




Apply 3-5 drops every morning by pressing the serum onto the skin with fingertips.

Recommended for the face, neck, and décolletage. Best followed by a mineral

sunscreen for full UVA/UVB protection.